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Mission: About


Our MISSION is to build accessible, sustainable learning ecosystem that produces self-evolving, responsible social leaders capable of taking initiatives and driving positive changes in the society, for every citizen to live with dignity, self-respect and integrity.

To provide a kind of learning that is child centric and experiential comprising of "physiological", "emotional", "intellectual" and "life-skill" development, to the: (A) Children of economically backward section; (B) Skill development for the adults to improve their employability.

Mission: About


Our LEARNING ECOSYSTEM is designed based on three core principles: 

  1. To meet the vision and mission of Ek-Asha without compromising the core values (Integrity, Commitment, Quality, Dignity and Transparency); 

  2. To involve, partner or hire the subject mater experts in order to achieve the objective - essentially, not to reinvent the wheel; 

  3. To involve people and organization from all walks of life - It's a peoples movement and should be driven by the people. When people participate and contribute, they feel good, they get attached, they become responsible and the goodness spreads across - the sole objective of Ek-Asha.



We learn from observing things around us, textbook based learning merely helps us to memorise and perhaps score good marks but hardly gives us the learning that is required for the life. Ex: Following traffic rules - everyone knows the rules and write appropriately in exams, but they all follow, exactly what they see happening around. In essence, Learning is experiential not informational!

Many of these underprivileged, street students come from a stressful environment and the first thing that needs to be done is to change their environment. So, at Ek-Asha, we feel the need to keep the students in a Gurukul system while providing the best of the modern education systems (such as the Theme-Based education system) to holistically improve their lives.

Students between class 1 and 10 live together in a residential school environment, to practice what they study, learn community living and imbibe life-skills. Ek-Asha is not planning to provide residential schooling environment for the vocational and skill development adults.

Mission: Headliner


Our STUDENT-CENTRIC methodology is designed on fundamentals of learning where, (A) Inquisitiveness, continuous seeking and harmony are the norm. (B) Interests are encouraged and fostered to develop into passion, at individual pace. (C) Inner potentials are unleashed and they are taught to complement others but not compete. (D) Dreaming is encouraged beyond constraints and given skills to realize it.  (E) "Practice makes a man perfect" - practice not just on pen and paper but to make it a way of life or way of being.


Shifting the focus to a student centric system:
     - "Everyone is genius! But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, It will live it’s whole life believing it’s stupid" – Albert Einstein
     - "If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we need to teach the way a child could learn".

1. Teach "How-To think" not "WHAT-TO think"
2. Provide "Holistic Learning"
3. Ensure the Ecosystem is "Culturally Rooted"
4. Imbibe Life-Skills
5. Learning Happens Everywhere
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