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Online Thinking Class (OTC)

OTC - Connecting rural children to teachers & volunteers across the world!!

Traditionally, education has been happening within close physical proximity having an emphasis on knowing than understanding, delivered by preachers who have hardly practiced their preaching. These have been the greatest limiting factors causing the inaccessibility to quality education for the underserved children in remote areas. We decided to shift this and arrived at the idea of OTC.

It emerged amid the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both children and people around the world were locked up indoors for over a year. While children lost access to education, there were people in lockdown who wanted to do something for society but never had a chance to contribute. OTC bridge that gap by connecting them together with the help of technology. OTC connected highly educated and working professionals across the globe to the students in remote villages, orphanages and slums. The result has been very gratifying.

While online education has opened up the world of limitless possibilities, it is still a far fetch idea for those in remote villages, orphanages and slums. At the same time, the need for in-person touch that provides much needed care & attention during the early years of education cannot be ignored. OTC brings both together.

We have doctors teaching biology, Engineers taking STEAM classes, Geo scientists teaching Geography, Mathematicians teaching Vedic Math, Mathematics & Geometry, Art teachers teaching geometry with art & crafts etc...

Our Online ThinkCentre ideas:

A) Break the distance barrier and reach the underserved with the help of technology.
B) Connect students with highly qualified, skilled, and self-motivated people across the world who could provide quality 21st-century education.
C) Instill critical thinking through inquiry-based learning (Socratics method). The idea is to enable learning by examining the values, principles, and beliefs of students.

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