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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled — Plutarch

People thrive when they learn by doing. Using real tools to solve real problems helps grow knowledge and skills. Trying, failing, and trying again help build flexible thinking and self-confidence.

In the era of science and technology, while students in private schools and cities have access to STEAM education, students in rural villages and slums lack access. There is a need to setup low- cost multi-disciplinary labs to foster creativity and innovation among them.

EkAsha's TinkerLab is an integrated and interdisciplinary creativity lab that aims at providing such a learning environment to underserved kids who lack access to such education unlike the kids in private schools. In TinkerLab, we explore, experiment, break, make, and learn without the fear of failure and a fixed outcome in mind.

The program is designed to ensure students gain fundamental and conceptual clarity in STEAM through an integrated and hands-on project-based learning. It aims at building scientific temper, self-confidence & English communication skills among students.

Our target audience are the students of class VI to IX from rural villages with weaker socioeconomic background.

What we do? Well, we do a whole lot of fun things that the children love! We break things, make things, design things, play, argue, sought, sing, dance and learn science, computers, robotics, electronics, painting, commerce, interpersonal behavior… all of these in a child-centric way. So the children define what they wish to learn, how they wish to collaborate, schedule their sessions - We call this a democratic classroom.

We believe, education is the key to bringing sustainable changes in the society. Current form of education was designed for 19th-century – industrial/colonial era. 21st century needs are different. Current system is not only unfit, it’s detrimental. It’s time to re-imagine the way we educate and up-bring our next generation.

So, we are reimagining education in a whole new way to nourish children with the skills that matter the most to build a happy and content society!

Ek-Asha's TinkerKit

There are many STEAM kits available in the market but are very expensive and may not directly relate to the NCERT and State Board syllabus. Ek-Asha's TinkerKit is an attempt to solve that problem. They are a product of our TinkerLab. They come with a set of instructions manuals that are directly relatable to the experiments in their books. We have launched two such kits covering the syllabus from std. VI to X on Electromagnetism and Arduino Basics (An introduction to Electronics).

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