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The HEM Pillar Award (2023)

Updated: Feb 13

A journey that just began!

It always feels nice to be recognized and we are no different! That too being recognized when you are expecting the least and in a bigger platform surely boosts enthusiasm. HEM Pillar Award came as a huge encouragement to all our selfless volunteers.

At Ek Asha Trust, we believe in Holistic education. For us, holistic education means that which trains the Mind to think, the Heart to be empathetic & Hands to be skillful. Our curriculum and education intervention with rural and underserved students are aligned with these three core dimensions.

Holistic Education - The 3 key dimensions

In the world of education today, there is reasonable clarity and available resources for the training of a human mind to be a critical thinker. There is also reasonable progress in the area of the training of the hands to be skillful. However, there are rare attempts made in the area of the training of the heart to be emotionally stable and empathetic. This is the key to building a 'Good Human Being' that we all long for.

While we continued our journey, our exploration for the training of the heart was on. We always believed we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There surely are initiatives by many esteemed organizations, we need to identify those that align with our idea of transformation through education and learn from them. HEMA Foundation is one where our ideas matched and we jumped in.

HEMA & EK ASHA - How we got introduced

We had the pleasure of being introduced to the Hema Foundation by Mrs. Snehalata Mundhra. She recognized the shared values and ideologies between the two organizations. She initiated the conversation along with our OTC program lead, Mrs. Manashi Dash, who resides in Mumbai.

Hema Foundation (HF) "" is a CSR project initiated by RR Kabel. It is an organization dedicated to awakening moral values led by Shri Mahendra Kabra. This blog recounts our inspiring collaboration, the significant role played by HF, and the remarkable achievements of our children.

During our interactions with HF, we had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Anubha Daga, and Mr. Sundar Iyer, the Chief Communication Officer (CCO) of HF. Their guidance brought clarity and became instrumental in shaping our journey.

Impressed by the values-driven curriculum, Ek-Asha has enrolled 137 children in the program. The curriculum is designed to instill moral values and is meticulously crafted by HF, considering various aspects of character development. Ek Asha has enrolled students from Tainsar and Kailash in Deogarh District, Biranarayanpur, Rayagada District, Telkoi, Keonjhar District, and Thuruburai, Ganjam District of Odisha.

HF's curriculum is centered around Moral Value Education modules, tailored for grades between 3 to 12. The organization has prioritized core subjects like Maths, English, and Science, seamlessly integrating these subjects with moral values. Each grade is assigned five values, and a structured approach of "One Week - One Class" is followed, allowing students to complete a comprehensive "One Value - One Month" course.

Our children embarked on numerous projects and delivered exceptional results. The efforts of our children caught the attention of Mahendra Ji Kabra, the Chairman and Managing Trustee of Hema Foundation, and has expressed his desire to meet Ek-Asha in person.

HF organized Hemostav on the 12th of July, it's their annual day event. This brought a pivotal moment for Ek-Asha. During the grand ceremony, we had the privilege of interacting with distinguished personalities like Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Dr. Vijayam Ravi, Hrishikesh Senapati, Dr. Chinu Agarwal, Mr. Manoj Joshi, and many more. The highlight of the event was Ek-Asha being honored with the prestigious Hem Pillar Award 2023.

Partnering with a reputable organization like Hema Foundation, whose ideologies align with those of Ek-Asha, fills us with immense excitement and enthusiasm. We are thrilled to continue our journey, knowing that our shared commitment to moral values will pave the way for a brighter future for our students in rural and underserved sections of Odisha.

EK ASHA is very hopeful about this collaboration, driven by a common goal of instilling moral values in children to become good human beings. With the support of HF, our children have showcased their talents, and the recognition received at Hemostav 2023 has further invigorated our spirits. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with HF, as we continue our mission of shaping young minds and positively impacting society.

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Snehlata Mundhra
Snehlata Mundhra

It was great experience and mesmerizing period of giving back to society. We will keep looking for the opportunity to enhance the life of children associated with ek-asha.

Mamta Agarwala
Mamta Agarwala

Congratulations sneha..I too like to help to the children of our society..

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