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Our Journey: The first OTC of Deogarh at Tainsar

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The well-trodden muddy trails extending miles, connecting clusters of small villages, separated by fields and forest covers in the vast majority of Northern Odisha are a testament to a lifestyle unknown to most of us. Perhaps even left alone by the state gadget for their complexities and the amount of work needed. Deogarh, literally translating to "the abode of Gods", is a hilly district of abundant natural beauty and treacherous terrains. It is one of the least populated districts mostly untouched by urban developments. At least, so it was until the construction of the National Highway 6 more recently. Our narrative today is about Tainsar, a small village in the Deogarh district, spanning 2.46 square kilometers spread across this road, with a population of 917*.