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Founder, Managing Trustee

Sambit is an educationalist and information technologist who is passionate about using education to bring social transformation. He returned to India from the United States in 2014 to work in the education sector for the needy. He was a Chief Architect (Director, Technology) at Cognizant Tech. Solutions, USA.

Sambit quit his job in 2017 and founded EK ASHA TRUST, a nonprofit organization that provides holistic and child-centric education to children in rural and tribal areas.


In says, "For a society to rise, every single individual in it must rise first!". Social transformation is possible through transformed individuals (social change agents) and the goal of education has to produce such personalities who are critical thinkers, capable, sensible, and responsible. He feels education has to be such that reflects in character where character building gets precedence over competence and seeking becomes the way of life. He is committed to providing all underserved children with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

He believes the world has plenty of sensible and capable human beings wanting and waiting to contribute to society but are often unsure of the direction. They need to be connected and provided with platforms to meaningfully contribute and take active participation in the journey of bringing social transformation.

Sambit's work has been featured in his blog, where he shares some of early his experiences, success stories, and analysis of the current education system. He is a passionate advocate for transformation, and he is working to create a more just and equitable world through education.

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