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Chatashalee - Village Think Centers

A strong building need strong foundation!

For a stronger building, the pillar has to be set strong and set in a right way. Our Chatashalee help lay that foundation for the young learners up to Grade V. Setup in rural villages, these Village Think Centers offer a unique set of values. Such as providing a safe learning atmosphere along with non-competing, motivating, and playful learning space. We cover foundational academics,

We operate in rural and semi-tribal communities in hilly and forest reasons. With limited awareness on education, the parents themselves aren't in a position to guide the children. Many of these children are the 1st generation schoolers. Schools are seen to be more of a safe place for children to get a stomach full of mill and spend the day while parents dwell in forest, daily wages or farming, than a place for education. The quality of education in schools itself needs significant improvements due to issues like lack of sufficient teachers,...etc.

Some of the key challenges are:
- Irregularity and poor attendance in school
- Lack of adult supervision and guidance on education at home
- Lack of quality education in schools

EK ASHA's Chatashalee (Village Think Center) offer a very unique and much needed proposition, shaping the young minds, hearts and hearts. Such as:
- A caring local guide
- Bringing education in to their daily routine
- Prioritizing education in their life and making it playful so that children look forward to the class
- A child safe, co-learning space for all children in the village under the able guidance of the local mentor
- Emphasis on fundamental academics: Language (Odia & English), Math, EVS,...etc.
- Emphasis on art & craft: drawing, painting, clay-idol making, Origami,...etc.
- Emphasis on sports, study tours, music, dance and drama on social issues
- Students also take part in social activities such as village cleaning, sanitization, plantation, organic holi colour making, ...etc.
- Our story telling sessions are intended for value education and to instill a sense of responsibility in the very early stage of life.

Our Chatashalee's are supported with:
People & Process:
- Periodic training of the local teacher/guide by trained external resource persons
- Monthly village and parents meeting along with children to review the progress
- Weekly and monthly review and guidance to the local mentors

Infrastructure: (A learning space)
- Supply of study materials (Books, stationaries, art-n-craft materials..etc.)
- Library (with 250+ books)
- Globe, maps, science equipment...etc.

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