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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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If you light a lamp for someone else
it will also brighten your path. 


Our Activities


The quality of education hasn't improved much in decades. Access to quality education in these formative years is essential not only for the individuals but also for shaping up the future of society. There is a need for quality intervention in the education sector. The COVID pandemic is breaking the backbone of society, mainly the migrant and deprived sections. While survival, livelihood, and healthcare have been the focus, children's education needs equal emphasis. Especially, the children in rural villages, orphanages, and slums as they lack access to online classes. In essence, while this pandemic has opened the door to the world of limitless possibilities through Online-education, it has also absolutely shut down the doors to education for the majority of the students in rural India.


Supporters and Donors can be associated or contribute towards individual programme to extend their supports.

Donate A Book

Let's bring some smiles for needy children!!!


Support towards regular Geometry, Science, Vedic Math and other workshops

PE Class

Annual Sports & Science Fest

Support towards Annual Sports and Science Fest..


Education should be fun, exciting and explorative!
So we delve in to the wonders and possibilities of the nature, explore, do lots of fun experiments without fear of judgment... and that's how we learn!

Impacting Eight(8) village Govt. Schools near Paradeep, funded by PPL (Adventz) and supported by Harsha Trust.
(Jaladhar Pur High School, Uchhabananda Primary School, Fatepur Govt UP School, Siju Govt UP School, Nuasahi Govt UP School and Jhimani Nodal UP School)


Summer vacations are full of excitement and every child look forward to it - Kids plan for it, months ahead. As Parents, we too are excited as our old memories unfold seeing the excitements of our children. However, some of us may be curious, unsure or a little worried at the same time that the kids may get glued to digital media and do things not as meaningful.

How about a Summer Day-Camp with loads of fun, excitement and learning? Let'sTinker Summer STEAM Camp is designed just with the same intent and to cultivate, nurture curiosity and creativity. The idea is to allow kids to explore and experience science, arts and life, all together through fun-games and experiments!


Our journey is a story, and our Annual Reports are our attempt to capture that story for you. While words, a few pictures, and accompanying numbers are never enough to express the rich and unforgettable  experiences we have gathered, this is a humble attempt to share our story with the hope to bring you along with us and make you become a part of this social transformational journey. Welcome to our journey, our story, our life...

Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract


MIG-90, K-9A, Kalinga Vihar, Patrapada, Bhubaneswar,

Odisha - 751019

Phone: +91 893 985 9746

1. Teach "How-To think" not "WHAT-TO think"
2. Provide "Holistic Learning"
3. Ensure the Ecosystem is "Culturally Rooted"
4. Imbibe Life-Skills
5. Learning Happens Everywhere
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