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We are a group of social architects, determined to take matters into our hands and progressively contribute to the development of a great society by imparting the "kind of education that matters" to underprivileged children. Our group constitutes of successful and experienced professionals, educationalists and social activists.

We believe quality education should be accessible to all, so we decided to form a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization. We are registered as EK ASHA TRUST (Regd# 41131705998 / 2017; PAN# AAATE9020G) effective 4th Aug 2017 under the INDIAN TRUST ACT at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

EK ASHA TRUST Certificates:

Regd# 41131705998/2017                             12A/10AC# AAATE9020GE20215  

PAN# AAATE9020G                                        80G/10A# AAATE9020GF20221   

Darpan# OR/2019/0242443                          CSR1# CSR00022657                    

About Us: About
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Our Core Values

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Events & Activities

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